Pray for Boston

When I was little, my family moved around a lot.  From the summer of 1992 to December of 1993 we lived near Boston, Massachusetts.   It was the summer before 4th grade and we had moved there from Latrobe, Pennsylvania.  We lived in a small town outside Boston called Plympton (not Plymouth, I'll get to that shortly).  We lived on an acre of land walking distance from beautiful cranberry bogs.  There are cranberry boggs all over the place!  When the cranberries rise to the top of the bogs it's almost as if the sky changes colors.

The Freedom Trail is a big tourist area in Massachusetts.  It takes you back in time to the 18th Century. There are such sites as ...  

... the site of the Boston Massacre and Paul Revere's House ...

... King's Chapel Burrying Ground and the grave of Mother Goose.

I was talking to my mom this morning and she reminded me of some of these things.  I remember going to Plymouth and being on the Mayflower ship.  I remember asking a young girl that was on the Mayflower how old she was and she replied "one in twenty."

Boston was a super cool city to live in.  There is so much history and of course, the Boston Red Sox!  My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone effected by the horrible tragedy that occurred yesterday.