My Twin

The one thing I truly appreciate about social media is that in enables you to keep in touch with friends you otherwise may not.  After college, when I moved to Los Angeles, I lost touch with a lot of people.  Great people!  Sorority sisters, fellow theater members, teachers, and my Roanoke peeps.  So, yes, social media allows us to keep in touch with one another.  Seeing those people in real life is so much better!  Don't you think? 

Lindsay came out to visit me two times.  My mom, dad, and brother came out a few times as well.  My mom came to visit a lot, at least once a year, and we always had a great time together.  We travel really well and always stop at banks for directions (it's an inside joke with me and mom)!

Then there is my friend JT.  JT lives in New York City now, pursuing her dream of acting.  We are Facebook friends and we occasionally text each other. JT and I went to college together and did theater together.  We were in two shows and had sooo much fun!  We ended up calling each other JT, because we always broke out into commercial jingles ~ Jingle Twins.  Our favorite is Rockapella's Folger's Coffee Song.

 In October of 2008 JT came out to L.A. to see if it was a place that she would want to move to.  JT and I got to hang out and spend some time together.  Her last night in LA she stayed with me and we had a "breakfast for dinner" party.  We made pancakes, mimosas, and watched Singing in the Rain.  We both have a thing for Gene Kelly.

  This past Friday I got a random text from her that she was making an impromptu trip to D.C. and she wanted to know if I was free for dinner.
She met me at my work and we walked to P Street and had dinner at Tortilla Coast.  It was like no time had passed.  We caught up on each other's lives and laughed and had a great time!  She is doing marvelously and is such a NYC girl.  I couldn't imagine her being anywhere else.

It's almost like JT and I can read each other's minds.  Funny enough, we can actually finish each other's sentences.  We have the same kind of sense of humor and laugh all of the time!  She's an amazing person and an amazing friend. 

Love you JT!

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