Life as a Background Actor ~ Part 1

As most of you know, I used to live in Los Angeles, California.  I moved out there in March of 2006 to pursue acting on the big, silver screen!

 I started off by doing background work (or extra work).  I loved doing background work; being on a set around the actors, the lights, the hair/makeup crew.  It was fabulous!  It was all I had dreamed of. As soon as I got to Los Angeles I registered with Central Casting.  After about a week they called me for an interview.  This interview put me on my first studio lot ~ Sony Picture Studios.

Apparently, I fit the right body type to be Kate Winslet's body double on the movie The Holiday.  

I was freaking out!  Kate Winslet?????  Me????? CRAZY!  Driving onto the studio was an insane feeling.  A feeling that I will never ever forget!  It felt like a million butterflies were flying around in my tummy!  There were A LOT of girls there to interview for the part.  They were going to cast 3 girls for the swimming pool scene in the movie.  Needless to say, I did not get the part.  The experience did, however, make me realize that I had made the right decision, at the time, to move to Los Angeles and pursue my dream of being a movie star.  

My first official day of doing background work I got called to work on a TV Pilot (I can't remember the name of the didn't make it) that was shooting all the way out in Hermosa Beach.  I was living in Santa Clarita at the time.  I remember getting so lost!  I didn't know how to pronounce most of the streets and I had no clue out to drive on the 405 freeway.  I finally made it there.  It was a high school show so it was a lot of walking down school hallways and some of sitting on the football field.  It was fun!  I met a girl there and she told me how to actually use Central Casting.  You have to call in yourself and see what they're looking for to get as much work as you can.  Thank the Lord she told me that!  

I called in and heard they were looking for people to work on the TV Show Las Vegas.
That is one cold set!  They dress you in super skimpy clothing and they don't feed you.  I hated working on that show!  I did, however, meet my first Los Angeles friend, Rachel!  Yay for Las Vegas!

On Background Work Day 3 I thought I had hit the jack pot.  Paramount Studios!!!

I called in for Spiderman 3 and got cast as a bar patron.  I even got to meet Sam Raimi.  They lined a bunch of us ladies up and he picked a few of us for a scene.  I was one of them!  In the last scene of the movie you can see me (yellow arrow). 
 This was the first time I was on Paramount Studios.  Paramount is my favorite studio by far!  When I got to set and signed in with the production assistants the hair/makeup team saw me immediately, because of my red hair.  I came in with my hair down and wavy.  Well, turns out that is what Kirsten Dunst's hair looked like for this scene.  So, they put my hair up.  

That was a crazy first 3 days of doing background work.  While working on the set up Spiderman 3, I over heard a girl talking about how a studio apartment opened up in her building.  That's how I got my very own, first apartment!

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