High Five For Friday

Happy Friday!  I realize this is a very late post, but better late than never, right!?!

I hope everyone had a great week.  Here are some highlights from mine ~

On Monday I had book club and got to visit with my Bestie.  Aftewards, before I left, she surprised me with some treats.  A couple weeks ago, on my H54F, I posted about how my mom got me Ladybug Salt and Pepper shakers.  Well, Lindsay found these thumb tacks and cutting board that same day and grabbed them up for me!  I love them!!!!

I actually bought this last week, but it's too AWESOME to not share.  This lovely pink purse was a treat to myself.  I love it!  Tune in on Tuesday to see what's in the lovely pink purse ;-)

I finished The Great Gatsby and started The Night Circus.  My friend Mia is letting me borrow it.  So far I'm 100 pages in and I love it!  It's fascinating with all the magic.

If you follow me on Twitter (click here), then you know I have been having a rough week with my allergies.  This is the worst I have ever had them!  I went to the doctor this morning, just to make sure that it might not be something more than my allergies.  Turns out it's just allergies.  She gave me an additional nasal spray and said I can take it along with the FloNase and Allergy Relief-D.  Wow!  I am full of meds right now.  Crazy!

After work today I came home and cleaned my apartment like I've never cleaned before!  Now that I am feeling better I wanted to get my apartment free and clear of any possible pollen that might have snuck in.  I found that I have 8 magazine that I haven't read (I bought two of them today).  Three Real Simple, two Oprah Magazine, a Glamour, Women's Health, and Us Weekly.  Now that I've gotten my apartment cleaned and my laundry done, I have all weekend to read!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!  Stay cool and pollen free! :)

(ps ~ I'm linking up with Lauren at The Lauren Elizabeth for today's #H54F)