Margarita March 2013

Washington D.C.'s first annual Margarita March!!!
12noon - 10pm 
They have already sold out of their tickets, but you can still come by any of these bars and enjoy drink & food specials!

~ Venues Include ~

1301 U St NW # 113, Washington, DC

*The Fabulous Bar in the Hotel I Work At*
*You can enter a raffle to win a free 1 Night Stay at Rouge*
1315 16th Street NW

1211 U St NW, Washington, DC

2212 14th St NW, Washington, DC

1317 14th Street Northwest Washington, DC

900 U St NW, Washington, DC

1433 P St NW, Washington, DC

1336 U St NW, Washington, DC

High Five For Friday & My 2 Year Anniversary

Happy Friday!!!!  I am so glad the weekend is here.  It has been absolutely crazy this week at work.  Now, I do have to work for a few hours tomorrow, but for the most part I have my weekend!  I have a great girlfriend date planned for Saturday (drooling over Ryan Gosling...yum) and my Sunday is going to be so relaxing.  I hope you all had a fantastic week.  Here are some highlights from mine.

1.  On Saturday I went to my weekly Weight Watchers meeting and I got a charm for having attended 16 weeks.  Now, if I could just track my food well enough and get to that gym I bought a membership to.  Then, I might actually lose some of my weight! haha!

2.  I treated myself to The Band Perry's new CD.  I love it!  If you are a fan of theirs, then I highly recommend their new album.  There is a really good song called "Mother Like Mine."  I almost cried!

3.  I got my own Netflix account!  I used to have one a while back and I was actually using a friend's account.  But there are all these movies and tv shows on Netflix that I can't stream, so I sucked it up and bought a subscription.  I have a free month's trial until the end of May.  WooHoo!

4.  With my new Netflix account I am now hooked on Hart of Dixie.  I was never a big Rachel Bilson fan.  I met her once while working on The O.C. and I've always thought she was kind of snobby (and not a very good actress).  When you have really hot guys like this one...
on the tv screen (well, in my case the computer screen), it's hard not to enjoy the show!

5.  This week was my official 
2 year anniversary of moving back east!  
I arrived in Springfield, VA on April 19th and was staying the Bestie and her hubby until I moved into my apartment.  On April 21st I moved into my aparment in Arlington, VA.  On April 24th I started working at Donovan House.  On April 26th I had my bed delivered to my apartment (thank you Tolar) and on April 27th I was officially living with Jacq & Frisco!  It has been a wonderful, crazy, amazing two years.  Being closer to my mom and dad, best friend, and on the east coast is just so wonderful.  I could not be happier with where my life is right now.  Well, except for Mr. Right, but I'm sure he'll show up eventually! Haha! :)

Have a great weekend everyone!  I'll be back on Sunday for Sunday Social and a new Book Link Up!

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Happy Book Chat Day!

Today's theme is ~ The Strangest Book You've Ever Read and I am linking up with Jessica from Sweet Green Tangerine and Life on Cephei for today's

This one was hard for me.  I have read so many books, but couldn't think of a "strange" one.  I have read some historical fiction, books with magic in the story, some really dark books.  Then, finally, it hit me!  DUH!  The strangest book I have ever read (or attempted to read) is...

Gregory Maguire has written a masterpiece.  No, I have yet to complete Wicked.  I have made two attempts and plan to try again this year.  The furthest I have made it was when Elphaba and Galinda were in college.  The last time I tried to read it was in 2013.  My mom had bought us tickets to see the musical in San Francisco and I wanted to read it before we saw it.  Yeah, I didn't make it very far.  I am going to try again though.

Once I get through Wicked, because I will, I want to read the rest of the series: Son of a Witch, A Lion Among Men, & Out of Oz.

What's In My Purse?

Hellooooooooooooo and happy Tuesday!

You read on my High Five For Friday post about my awesome new pink purse.  Well, today you get to see what's inside it!  Aren't you excited?  I know I am!

My fabulous pink purse!  I got it at Target as a little gift to myself.  It holds a lot more than I thought it would.

Look at all that stuff inside!

Yes, I know...a lot of stuff...~

1. Monthly Planner ~ I do have a smart phone, but I do so much better when I physically write things down.  So, I have my awesome Blue Sky Planner.
2. Notebook ~ This is for whenever something strikes me: a blog idea, a quote, something I hear someone say.  You just never know!
3. Weight Watchers Tracker ~ To track everything that I eat.  
4. Weight Watchers Points Guide ~ This helps me determine how many points something that I eat is. Very helpful!
5. 2 RedBox movies that I need to return...oops!
6. Business Card Holder ~ Being in sales you learn to keep your business cards on you at all times.
7. Wallet ~ to go shopping!  Haha...well, yeah :)
8. Coupon Holder ~ If I don't carry this with at all times, I will never remember to get it when it's time to go grocery shopping.
9. Oliver People Sunglasses ~ These were a gift and I LOVE them!  I have had them for 5 years!!!!!
10. iPod ~ Always need music with me!
11. Writing Utensils ~ I love my Sharpie pens.  And of course I need a hi-lighter and a pencil :)
12. Cough Drops ~ My allergies have been something awful this year and these help with my cough.  They are the honey lemon flavor.
13. Cosmetic Bag ~ For those super girlie things that need hidden!  My lipgloss and 2 (yes 2) chapsticks I keep in the front pocket of my purse.

How about you? What do you keep in your purse?  What are the 3 most important items you have to carry with you?  Let me know in the comments below!

Life as a Background Actor - Part 2

Ahhh...Korea Town

Like I said last week, I was on the set of Spiderman 3 when I had overheard a girl talking about how an apartment opened up in her building.  I think I was reading a book and as soon as I heard her I interrupted and asked for the information.  The next day I called the land lord; I believe her name was Moon something - quite the hippy!  Anywho, I made an appointment to go see the apartment the next day.  I went, saw, and signed my first lease.  It was near downtown Los Angeles in Korea Town.  The apartment was really cool.  The building used to be an old hotel in the 1920s.  It had hardwood floors and an exposed brick wall.  Just like Carrie's in Sex and the City.  I lived in this apartment for almost 2 years!  I loved it.  I should have stayed there :)  That move is a story for a different day.

The apartment was in a pretty good location.  It was close to the 10 freeway, which could also lead me to the 5, the 101 and the 405 (these are all freeways).  Outside of Los Angeles no one puts the word "the" in front of freeway numbers.  In Washington, DC it's not "the 395," it's just "395."

It's location was really convenient, especially when I needed to jump on the 10 freeway to get to Long Beach to work on television shows like The O.C.

If you were a fan of the show, the first episode I worked on was in Season 3: Episode 23: The Party Favor.
(forward to 6:26 can't see me...but I'm one of the waitresses in the after prom party scene)
The first time I worked on the show I had been booked as a waitress at the restaurant/bar and there was a 4pm call time.  A 4pm call time, to me, meant a short day.  Wow was I wrong!  I'll get to that.  When I got to the set I checked in with the production assistants and was sent to wardrobe.  They gave me some fishnet tights, a tank top, and a mini skirt.  

Something you need to understand about background work is that you sit in a "holding area" until the production needs you to fill background space.  You don't get to hang out on set with the actors and chat it up.  On most shows, like The O.C., the holding area was an empty sound stage.  You are not given any entertainment or things to help keep you busy; that's on you.  You don't control the airflow or the food/beverage situation.  This set was really cold!  With the stage doors open (the studio is right on the water) and the AC pumping it was like sitting in a freezer.  My "costume" sucked and I didn't have anything to keep warm.  A nice guy that was also booked as background let me wear his hoodie.  It was a long night!

I also learned that a 4pm call time on a Thursday usually meant you're there until at least 4am (always expect a 12 hour day).  Yeah, I was on set until 5am that night.  This is how the schedule works: on a Monday there is usually a 6/7am call time.  The actors have to have a 12 hour turn around.  A typical work day is 12-14 hours.  So, if you start on Monday at 6am you could be working until at least 6pm that night.   That is if there are no problems or delays.

One of the really good things about background work was meeting so many different people. If you did enough background work (I did it full time for 2 years), then you saw some of the same people on tons of sets.

You are probably wondering, "How did you get put on all those shows?"  
I'll tell you all about that next week!

I'm also guest posting on Sweet Green Tangerine today!  Check it out!

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Preview to Summer Link Up: Your Top 3 Favorite Books

Happy Sunday Everyone!  I hope everyone's weekend is going splendidly so far.  It's looking beautiful outside today, hopefully it will be a bit warmer than yesterday.

On to today's post!  I signed up for a Blogger BookSwap and leading up to the swap post on May 28th, the hosts have arranged some link ups.  Today's topic is Your Top 3 Favorite Books

 1st Favorite Book
Molly Donnelly, by Jean Thesman
I read this book, the first time, when I was in middle school; 6th grade I think.  I loved it.  It was sort of like my first romance novel.  It takes place right after the bombing of Pear Harbor.  Molly is a 16 year old girl who's mother is working in the factories in aid of the soldiers.  One day, while walking along the beach, she meets a young soldier.  He goes back to fight the war and they keep in touch through letters.  I read it again when I was 25 and it was just as good!  This is a book I will never let go, because I never know when I will need a nice little love story.

2nd Favorite Book
Firefly Lane, by Kristin Hannah
This was the first book by Kristin Hannah that I had read.  Since then I have read a couple more.  She is a great writer of female relationships.  Firefly Lane is 479 pages and I read it in 4 days.  I've never read a book that fast; especially a book that big.  It is a beautiful story about 2 women who meet when they are about 10 years old.  We are taken through their entire lives together.  We see their best times, their worst times, the families the grow into.  I have only read it once, but it will stay with me forever.

3rd Favorite Book
The Wedding, by Nicholas Sparks
If you've read The Notebook, then you are already familiar with Noah Calhoun.  The main story line in this book is about Noah's daughter and her family.  Jane Lewis, Noah's daughter, and her husband Wilson are having a bit of trouble in their marriage.  Wilson visits Noah and through sharing his life story with Allie, Wilson tries to do everything he can to rekindle his marriage to Jane.
I actually read The Wedding before reading The Notebook.  I remember that I was doing background work in the movie My Super Ex-Girlfriend.  It was a night shoot and knowing these movies there is a lot of down time.  So, I took the book with me to set.  We were in down town Los Angeles and there was very little light, because it was a night shoot.  I was so into the book that at one point I didn't even realize everyone around me was moved to another part of the street.  I was also searching for every inch of light I could find.  I finished the book on set.  I love this story.  It is by far my favorite Nicholas Sparks book.  I only wish that the movie version of  The Notebook had not been changed.  Then we could make The Wedding into a movie.  It would be so good!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and make sure to come back tomorrow for more of Life as a Background Actor!

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High Five For Friday

Happy Friday!  I realize this is a very late post, but better late than never, right!?!

I hope everyone had a great week.  Here are some highlights from mine ~

On Monday I had book club and got to visit with my Bestie.  Aftewards, before I left, she surprised me with some treats.  A couple weeks ago, on my H54F, I posted about how my mom got me Ladybug Salt and Pepper shakers.  Well, Lindsay found these thumb tacks and cutting board that same day and grabbed them up for me!  I love them!!!!

I actually bought this last week, but it's too AWESOME to not share.  This lovely pink purse was a treat to myself.  I love it!  Tune in on Tuesday to see what's in the lovely pink purse ;-)

I finished The Great Gatsby and started The Night Circus.  My friend Mia is letting me borrow it.  So far I'm 100 pages in and I love it!  It's fascinating with all the magic.

If you follow me on Twitter (click here), then you know I have been having a rough week with my allergies.  This is the worst I have ever had them!  I went to the doctor this morning, just to make sure that it might not be something more than my allergies.  Turns out it's just allergies.  She gave me an additional nasal spray and said I can take it along with the FloNase and Allergy Relief-D.  Wow!  I am full of meds right now.  Crazy!

After work today I came home and cleaned my apartment like I've never cleaned before!  Now that I am feeling better I wanted to get my apartment free and clear of any possible pollen that might have snuck in.  I found that I have 8 magazine that I haven't read (I bought two of them today).  Three Real Simple, two Oprah Magazine, a Glamour, Women's Health, and Us Weekly.  Now that I've gotten my apartment cleaned and my laundry done, I have all weekend to read!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!  Stay cool and pollen free! :)

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Movie Review ~ Bachelorette

I watched Bachelorette on Netflix last night.  I remember when this movie was first coming out and they were advertising it on televsion.  They referred to it as the "Hangover for the ladies!" Or something like that.  This movie is nothing like Hangover. In the sense that the three best friends are the main part of the movie and the bride is left behind during the 'excitement,' then yes, it's like Hangover. But this movie was really bad!

You've got Kirsten Dunst playing the extremely unhappy and resentful Maid of Honor.  Lizzy Caplan plays a 'stuck-in-the-past' girl who is still in love with her high school boyfriend.  Then there is Isla Fisher who's character is a complete alcoholic/drug adict slut (and I don't use the 's' word hardly ever)!  These three girls are quite possibley the worst friends of all time.

We are talking about three friends that do so much coke that they think it will be funny to fit themselves into the brides wedding dress (2 girls in the 1 dress).  Inevitably, it rips!  In the process of getting it fixed, one girl has a nose bleed on the dress due to all the coke, the dress ends up at a strip club and I'm not even going to tell you what happens between the dress and a stripper it's so disgusting.

Rebel Wilson is so talented and so funny.  This movie does nothing for her.

I'm sad that I watched this movie, because that is 1 hour and 39 minutes of my life that I could have spent doing something else.  Needless to say, I don't recommend this movie!

Washington Wednesday Vol 6 ~ More Cherry Blossoms!

Happy Washington Wednesday!

Before I start in on the Cherry Blossoms I just want to wish myself a happy 2 year anniversary.  It was 2 years ago, today, that I arrived back on the East Coast.  My dad and I made the 4 day/3 night journey with out killing each other.  Next week's Washington Wednesday you will get much more insight on this trip!
Thanks dad!

So, last week I gave you some awesome information about the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival here in Washington D.C.  Well, today I'm going to share my Cherry Blossom experience with you!

On Saturday I wandered into the great city of D.C. and ventured over to the tidal basin.  Let me tell was PACKED!!!  It was the last weekend of the festival and people were definitely taking advantage of the beautiful weather.
So pretty!

Look at all of the tourists (and locals like me!)

The Cherry Blossoms are everywhere and they are so pretty!

I love this picture of the Washington Monument framed by the Cherry Blossoms.

 I made it to the Jefferson Memorial and got there all on my own (a little inside joke with my mom and dad!)

There's me and Tommy Jefferson!

The Cherry Blossoms are so pretty!  I have lived here for 2 years and this is first time that I have gone out to see them in person.  I am really glad that I did.  Even with the rain we got on Friday, there were enough left for me to see.

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Pray for Boston

When I was little, my family moved around a lot.  From the summer of 1992 to December of 1993 we lived near Boston, Massachusetts.   It was the summer before 4th grade and we had moved there from Latrobe, Pennsylvania.  We lived in a small town outside Boston called Plympton (not Plymouth, I'll get to that shortly).  We lived on an acre of land walking distance from beautiful cranberry bogs.  There are cranberry boggs all over the place!  When the cranberries rise to the top of the bogs it's almost as if the sky changes colors.

The Freedom Trail is a big tourist area in Massachusetts.  It takes you back in time to the 18th Century. There are such sites as ...  

... the site of the Boston Massacre and Paul Revere's House ...

... King's Chapel Burrying Ground and the grave of Mother Goose.

I was talking to my mom this morning and she reminded me of some of these things.  I remember going to Plymouth and being on the Mayflower ship.  I remember asking a young girl that was on the Mayflower how old she was and she replied "one in twenty."

Boston was a super cool city to live in.  There is so much history and of course, the Boston Red Sox!  My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone effected by the horrible tragedy that occurred yesterday.

Life as a Background Actor ~ Part 1

As most of you know, I used to live in Los Angeles, California.  I moved out there in March of 2006 to pursue acting on the big, silver screen!

 I started off by doing background work (or extra work).  I loved doing background work; being on a set around the actors, the lights, the hair/makeup crew.  It was fabulous!  It was all I had dreamed of. As soon as I got to Los Angeles I registered with Central Casting.  After about a week they called me for an interview.  This interview put me on my first studio lot ~ Sony Picture Studios.

Apparently, I fit the right body type to be Kate Winslet's body double on the movie The Holiday.  

I was freaking out!  Kate Winslet?????  Me????? CRAZY!  Driving onto the studio was an insane feeling.  A feeling that I will never ever forget!  It felt like a million butterflies were flying around in my tummy!  There were A LOT of girls there to interview for the part.  They were going to cast 3 girls for the swimming pool scene in the movie.  Needless to say, I did not get the part.  The experience did, however, make me realize that I had made the right decision, at the time, to move to Los Angeles and pursue my dream of being a movie star.  

My first official day of doing background work I got called to work on a TV Pilot (I can't remember the name of the didn't make it) that was shooting all the way out in Hermosa Beach.  I was living in Santa Clarita at the time.  I remember getting so lost!  I didn't know how to pronounce most of the streets and I had no clue out to drive on the 405 freeway.  I finally made it there.  It was a high school show so it was a lot of walking down school hallways and some of sitting on the football field.  It was fun!  I met a girl there and she told me how to actually use Central Casting.  You have to call in yourself and see what they're looking for to get as much work as you can.  Thank the Lord she told me that!  

I called in and heard they were looking for people to work on the TV Show Las Vegas.
That is one cold set!  They dress you in super skimpy clothing and they don't feed you.  I hated working on that show!  I did, however, meet my first Los Angeles friend, Rachel!  Yay for Las Vegas!

On Background Work Day 3 I thought I had hit the jack pot.  Paramount Studios!!!

I called in for Spiderman 3 and got cast as a bar patron.  I even got to meet Sam Raimi.  They lined a bunch of us ladies up and he picked a few of us for a scene.  I was one of them!  In the last scene of the movie you can see me (yellow arrow). 
 This was the first time I was on Paramount Studios.  Paramount is my favorite studio by far!  When I got to set and signed in with the production assistants the hair/makeup team saw me immediately, because of my red hair.  I came in with my hair down and wavy.  Well, turns out that is what Kirsten Dunst's hair looked like for this scene.  So, they put my hair up.  

That was a crazy first 3 days of doing background work.  While working on the set up Spiderman 3, I over heard a girl talking about how a studio apartment opened up in her building.  That's how I got my very own, first apartment!

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