Washington Wednesday Vol 2

The Pentagon
-watches everything you do-

The Pentagon and I have a very special relationship.  When I first moved here, I was living in Springfield with Lindsay and her new husband until I moved into my apartment.  The day I met my former roommate, Jacq, I was supposed to meet her at the Pentagon City Metro stop.

I ended up here...

At the time I didn't know there were 2 Pentagon stops...the actual Pentagon and Pentagon City.  That was my first experience with the Pentagon.

This is a side view of the Pentagon.  I see this view quite a bit considering I don't work there.
I live off of the 395 freeway and there are quite a few exits for the Pentagon.  Going south there are three exits: 8A will take you to route 50 (Ballston & Clarendon); 8B will take to towards the Memorial Bridge and the Pentagon; 8C will take you to Pentagon City and the Pentagon.  Going North, if I don't remember to change lanes I will end up at the Pentagon on two different exits.  

This has happens to me all the time.  I did it on Saturday!

Now for a little history...

The Pentagon is the headquarters of the United States Defense Department.  Now, it's not actually in Washington D.C. (Arlington, VA), but it is a huge part of the life and times of D.C.  The Pentagon is the world's largest office building with 6.5 million square feet.  3.7 million of those square feet are used as office space.  There are 28,000 military and civilian employees.  It has 5 sides, 5 floors, 5 ring corridors and is on 5 acres of central plaza.  

This really is an amazing building.  One day I would like to actually go inside and get a tour.

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