Vintage to Die For

I am not, by any means, a fashionista.
I do not declare to tell anyone what they should or should not wear.

Being a curvy girl, it can sometimes be a challenge to find flattering clothing.  I found this website just by chance, one day, and I love it!

I love the purple dress!  It's so simple and sexy! // The black and white one is awesome too.  So simple, yet amazingly flattering!

I don't usually wear red, because I think it looks bad on my.  However, I would definitely wear this dress.  It looks so flattering, especially along the bust line. There is a slight slit at the leg that gives off a little bit of sexy.
The floral dress is perfect for spring or summer.  It has the same illusion that the red dress does.
Well done!

Check out Stop Staring and fall in love with their clothes...
...(if only I had a picture of myself in one of their dresses)!

Tomorrow, my bestest friend is guest posting on my blog.  Make sure you check it out!