My Harry Potter Fix

I found someone with an equal (if not more) love for Harry Potter.  One Haole Girl has a weekly Tuesday link up called My Harry Potter Fix.  I love this!

Today's questions are as follows ~ 
1.  Assuming you were sorted in Harry's year, which character do you think would be your best friend?
Gosh!  I would like to think I'd be best friends with Ron & Harry.  I'm really good with numbers and could help with tests and fun adventures like Hermione does.  I could just replace her :)
2.  Which season at Hogwarts would be your favorite?
Definitely Christmas!!!!!!!!!
3. What class do you think you would excel in most?
Not potions, that's for sure!  Science was not my best subject.  I think that I might be good either Charms or  History of Magic.
4. Would you be involved in any extra-curricular activities at Hogwarts?
I would definitely join Dumbledore's Army. Haha!
For real though, if Hogwarts had a choir or a theater club I would definitely join in.  I'm not a big sports player, so I would play Quidditch, but I could be a Quidditch Cheerleader.
I am so glad I had my Harry Potter marathon this weekend!