How Personal Should You Get?

I am having one of those moments where I can't think of anything to write about.

I had a good day yesterday.  We got about 4 inches of snow Monday night.  My in-house group at the hotel had an event that went really well.  I had a good food day (definitely sticker worthy) and went to the gym.  
But you don't want to hear about that!  

Or do you?

I posted on twitter, about a week ago, for some advice on a struggling blog.  My Bestie said to make my posts more personal.  Rooms said the same thing.  How personal should one get, though?  I started my weekly "Washington Wednesday" post (check it out tomorrow!) and have tried to make those personal by adding a story to each Washington week.  I know that there are people who blog about their significant others (I don't have one) or their children (I don't have those either).  Some people open up about health conditions.

I have my 1 year follow up with my physician on Friday about my depression medication, so maybe I'll write about that next week.

I use to write screenplays and I even thought about having a weekly post be part of a story.  Each week give you a new chapter.  But that's not really "personal" is it?

I'm reading Patty Stanger's new book Become Your Own Matchmaker (I'm single...) and I could write about that sort of thing.  I actually almost started a blog while I was on  I called it Matching My Way To True Love.  I didn't end up posting anything, though.  The point was to blog about my experience while doing the whole on-line dating thing.  I know some people that have a collective blog about that, however the name of it escapes me.  

I guess my question is, where do you draw the line about what to write?  I mean, we are putting this stuff out into the universe by it being online. Anyone and everyone and their twice removed cousin can read it.  People I will probably never meet (the 32 people in Russia) read my blog (hello lovely Russians)!

I definitely have some personal stories that I can share.  Things all sorts of people could probably relate to.  Maybe I am worrying too much.  Maybe I should just stop thinking and start writing.

What do you think?

~ Here's a funny picture for your Tuesday ~
I did this via PicMonkey!  It's so easy to use and a lot of fun :)  Go check it out and starting making sassy pictures!