A Fabulous High 5 for Friday

Happy Friday everyone!!!!  I love Fridays...the weekend is just a mere 10 hours away (give or take).
  There are some pretty awesome things that have happened and I want to tell you about them.

1.  I finally hit 100 followers!!!!!
I have been blogging since September and this was a wonderful moment.  It is amazing that there are 100 people out there, most of whom I do not know, that are reading my blog.

2.  I got some Bestie time in last week and we got pedicures on top of it!  We had to wait for about an hour before they started on us, but that just gave us more time to chat and catch up.
We were going to take a picture of both pairs of our fabulous feet, but totally forgot!  You can see Lindsay's pretty toes here.

3.  The company I work for, Kimpton, had their annual Bingo Night.  Tons of fun and drag queens.  Yes, you read that correctly, Drag Queens! Chanelle, to be exact.  You can see her at Nelly's on U Street every Sunday during brunch.  Everyone that came received a Lucky Bingo Troll to bring them luck at Bingo.
The night was fantastic.  So many wonderful people came out and had fun together.  There were tons of prizes.  Kimpton sure does know how to throw a party!

4.  Another Kimpton shout out... This year my hotel's Director of Operations won the "Billy Award."  We have it at our front desk and I couldn't resist taking a picture with it.  It almost looks like an Oscar award!

5.  And last, but certainly not least, I got to have brunch with my Mostest this week.  We have known each other since 2003.  We met in college, are sorority sisters, and now such good friends.  Sometimes we go too long with out seeing one another and this one was of those times.  We had brunch in Ballston at Front Page and then did a little shopping too.  Love you girl!

Did you have a good week?  Tell me an awesome moment from you week in the comments section below, I'd love to hear about it!  Be sure to check out From My Grey Desk ~ Lauren has a great High Five for Friday link up.