A Baseball Story on Washington Wednesday

Hello everyone! Thank you for coming back to Washington Wednesday Vol 3!

Today I want to talk about baseball.  It's almost that time of year, one of my favorite seasons...


  Now, as a kid, I moved around a lot.  My favorite city had always been Boston, MA.  I'm a Boston Red Sox fan and a New England Patriots fan.  When I was little and lived in Roaonke, VA I played fast pitch softball.  My nick name was Pebbles, ya know from the Flinstones, because I have red hair.  In middle school I played again and was the fastest runner on the team.

Then, in 2011 I moved to Washington D.C. and was introduced to the...

Washington Nationals, aka - The Nats.

My Mostest was the first person to take me to a Nats game.  I got to experience The Nat Dog and it was amazing!  Talk about a great hot dog!

She was also the person to take me to my 2nd Nats game.  This time, however, it rained! 
There are many ways to enjoy a Nats Baseball Game.  When I go with my friends, we tend to buy the super cheap tickets and hang out at the Red Roof and watch the game from there.  Plus, there are the $5 beers before first pitch!

Or...You can buy awesome nosebleed seats and actually watch the game...
This was the game I took my parents to...their first Nats Game...and No, that is NOT a Miller Lite, I repeat NOT a Miller Lite, I am posing with :-)
Seeing the games from up here is actually pretty cool.  We were, literally, in the last row!  Our backs were against the fence.  But, if you turned around you could see parts of the city all lit up and the Potomac River actually looks really pretty!

One of the best parts about being at this particular game was that the band Life House performed afterwards.  We got to move down from our nosebleed section to watch them sing.

My first summer in D.C. I went to sooo many games!  Last summer I think I went to 2 games!  I have some baseball to hit up this summer.  The season officially starts April 1st (after Spring Training) against the Marlins!

Oh, and before you say anything, yes I had a tendency to wear that fabulous red shirt to all the games.  You have to wear red at a Nats game!

Let's Play Ball!!!!