A 5 for 5 Monday

Welcome to another wonderful Monday.  Well, we should at least start our Mondays in a positive mind frame.  How was everyone's weekend?  Did you do anything fun?
More importantly, how was your week? I am linking up with Jessica and Jenn for today's 5 for 5.


Did you accomplish all of your goals?  Wanna see how I did?  Here you go!

Accomplished ~ Mostly Accomplished ~ Didn't Get To At All

1. Get up Monday - Friday by 6am (adjusting it to help a bit).
I really did try!  Everyday I set my alarm for 5:30/5:45/6:00.  These last couple weeks have just been so hard to get up early.  I did get up early on Thursday, 6:20am.  I had to be at work early for a group arrival.

2.  Hit the gym/walk outside at least 4 days this week.
I didn't work out at all.

3.  Finish Homer's Odyssey.
I finally finished my book!  I've read about 100 pages in my new one, Dark Places, and I've started another one as well.  Check out my book page :)

4.  Track what I eat this week.
I didn't do this either.  I have really been slacking on my Weight Watchers lately.

5.  Pack my lunch for work the night before.
I didn't pack my lunch the night before, but I did pack it before I left for work.  I had a lunch with me everyday this week!

Ugh...so much RED this week!  At least I finally finished my book :)  Here are this week's goals ~

1. Re-join the Gym
2. Go back to my sticker method of tracking what I eat
3. Work out at least 2 times this week
4. Pay the bills...ick!
5.  Get my contacts (eyes)

Good luck to everyone this week!