5 for 5

It's Monday...

'nuff said!

  What else can you say about Monday?  It's the first day of the work week; the absolute end to the current weekend.

A lot of people set goals that begin on Monday.  My food goals (aka...weight watchers) begins on Saturdays.  However, I have learned to differentiate my goals.  So, here are my goals for upcoming Monday thru Friday...

1. Watch only The Biggest Loser on TV, at home, this week.
I want to get away from watching so much TV and read more at home.

2.  Do not spend any unnecessary money.
I have bills and future expenses (a future kitty cat) to pay for.  I need to seriously cut back on my extra spending.

3.  Read 60 pages in a book this week.
Whether it be Homer's Odyssey or Dark Places, I want to get reading more.

4.  Send out 5 thank you notes.
I don't think we acknowledge enough people in our lives.  There are so many people in our lives that we should be thankful for.  I want to send 5 of those people thank you's.

5.  Get up, Monday - Friday, at 5am every day.
This will help ensure that my lunch is made for the day and that I can eat a full breakfast!  I will exercise after work.

Good luck to everyone this week!    

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