Welcome Back Tummy Tuck Tuesday!

I looked back at my 2012 posts and realized that I haven't done a Tummy Tuck Tuesday since October!  Since I'm going to be "keeping it real" from now on, I thought I would delve into the world of Weight Watchers.  I know that some of you have done it before or are doing it right now.  For those of you that are not familiar with it, here's how it works ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I am on the Weight Watchers 360 Points Plus plan (currently being advertised by Jennifer Hudson and Jessica Simpson).  The idea is that we are a person of 360 degrees -  mind and body! Based on your height, current weight, age and sex you get a certain amount of points you are supposed to consume a day.  I have 26 points a day to hit.  Everyone also gets an additional 49 points a week.  They know that sometimes you are going to eat out or sometimes you'll go over your daily points plus.  That's what the extra 49 points are for.  You can split them up throughout the week or save them up.  You can use them however you want.  When you work out you gain activity points.  Same as the extra points, you can save up your activity points for another day.  If you know you're going to a party on the weekend, save your activity and extra points for then!  Any questions thus far?

The idea is to track what you eat.  There is a phone application you can easily download on your android or iPhone or you can use the website.  There are also Tracker Books.  I do better when I physically write down what I'm doing, so I bought the Tracker Book -
I decorated it with lady bug stickers and put a motivational phrase one it :)

The book allows you to plan your meals for the week; keep track of how many activity points you have earned and then used; track what you eat; etc.  There is ample space to write down your work outs.  You can also make small goals for the week too (mine usually involve No Diet Coke).  It's a 12 week tracker.  At the end of each week there is a "Wrap It Up" page.  You can write down how many days you tracked your food, worked out, what days that you stuck to your goals.  You can also write down what worked and didn't work.

For me, going to the meetings really helps.  Our WW Leader, Tanya (follow your leader...it's not a cult...I swear), is fantastic.  She has such great energy and is so supportive.  Listening to other people going through the same thing is really motivational too.  Plus, my meetings are on Saturday mornings at 9am.  It gets me up and ready for the weekend.  If I feel like I've had a bad week, then I get to start over fresh on Saturday morning.  

Lent starts tomorrow and I have decided to give up pizza and alcohol.  I love pizza so much that I might even turn into one some day!  Same with wine...I might turn into a grape :)  These are definitely two of my biggest vices when it comes to food.  I've never tried giving up pizza.  Alcohol I have tried (and failed) before.

To close today's post I want to wish Abraham Lincoln a happy birthday and to remind everyone to check out Pursuit of Pink for the Bestie Giveaway that I am participating in (winner announced on Friday on Lindsay's blog).