Washington Wednesday ~ The Washington Monument

I have been trying to come up with a weekly post that is unique.  Tummy Tuck Tuesday didn't seem too popular.  I don't blame you.  Who wants to listen to me rant about my weight loss?  My mom came up with a great idea to highlight something each week about the city I live in; Washington D.C.  I have gotten comments from people loving that I live in DC and that it's one of the coolest cities.  It's true, it is a pretty cool city.  There is so much history in Washington D.C.  

For my first Washington Wednesday I am going to feature the fabulous Washington Monument.

George Washington commanded the Continental Army to victory over Great Britain in the American War for Independence, which ended in 1783.  Elected unanimously as the first president of the United States of America in 1789 he has been called the "Father of the Country."  The Washington Monument was created as a show of gratitude to George Washington in helping to create a new form of government espousing equal treatment under the law.

~ Tidbits ~
Year Construction Started: July 4th, 1848
Year Construction Completed: December 6th, 1884
Opened to the Public: February 21st, 1885
Cost to Build: $1,187,710
Designer/Style: Robert Mills / Neo-Egyptian

~ Here are some pretty amazing pictures of the fabulous Washington Monument ~
Against the Reflecting Pool

The flags surrounding the Monument

Fourth of July Fireworks

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