Time to Organize!!!

If you didn't know this, I like to be organized. :)
When I moved into my studio apartment the only furniture I had was my bed, dresser, night stand, and short bookcase.  I purchased a tall one for all of my books.  I also purchased a small bench for my "entry way."  I have my computer and I was constantly sitting on the floor or on the bed slouching while working.  It got really annoying and uncomfortable.  So, I went in search of a desk.

I went everywhere; Target, Ikea....  Okay, just Target and Ikea, but I did search a bunch of stores online.  Target didn't really have anything.  My two bookcases and the bench are all from Target.  I took a day to venture to the world of Ikea.  That place really is it's own world.  It's huge!  I walked through the kitchen section, the bathroom section, the kid room section, the chairs.....Finally I came to the office section.  I found a great deal.  A cute little desk that also came with a book shelf (yes, a third book shelf).  The pair was only $79!!!

Now the question was, "where do I put it?"

The plan was to put it in front of the window so I would have this great view to look at while I work.  Ya know, sort of like Carrie's desk in Sex and the City.
It looked really stupid in front of the window :(  

My next thought was... in the closet...?

Closet Before...

Good, Lord, how is this going to work?

...Closet After!!!!

I love it!!!!!

My lovely chair that I got from Good Will for $10.  On the shelves I have my scripts and music books from over the years.  I have my Scene It games and gift wrapping supplies.  I have a wonderful Mother/Daughter picture frame.  I have my "bills" board up so I can keep track of when all of my bills are due.

The wall to the left of my desk has my Events Calendar, Imagine picture and my recipe file.

This is actually something I put together over the weekend.  I have a subscription to Real Simple Magazine and they always have such great recipes.  Weight Watcher's website does too.  So, I put this file on the wall to hold all the recipes that I want to make.  I smell some February cooking!

The wall to the right of my desk has some shelving.  The top shelf holds my box of random electronics, but it's a pretty box.  Also is picture from Christmas 2010 with my MMT Gang!  The second shelf I have my bill folder and my office accessories :)  The last shelf now holds my scrapbooks.  Yes, you counted right, I have 8.  And that's only on that shelf!

I love feeling organized!  How do you stay organized?