My 1st Cara Box Swap

I will have to say that this is probably one of my favorite swaps so far!
The idea behind the Cara Box is "beloved friend."  You are to get to know your partner and find their interests.  It's not like a usual swap.  I was assigned someone to send to and a different person sent to me.  It really was quite fantastic!

Lindsay, who blogs at You Are The Roots, was the lovely lady assigned to "Cara Box" me.  Lindsay is a born and bred Floridian.  She loves music, indie films, and cats (yes cats)!

She was so generous when sending me things.   I am still overwhelmed by how much she sent me.  Lindsay sent me sooo much awesome stuff!  Okay, where to begin! ~ Here is what she sent me ~ 

Lindsay knows that I am on Weight Watchers, so she picked out some prety awesome recipes from SkinnyTaste to send me.  I haven't tried any of them yet, but I can't wait!

 Lindsay is a reader of my "5 for 5" Monday posts and these books reminded her of that.  Receiving these have actually inspired me to start a weekly post ~ Listful Wednesdays.  I'm a big list maker, I love making To-Do lists.  They help organize my day and accomplish what I need done.  Each Wednesday, I will feature a different list.  Maybe this will start a link up! 

 She also knows that I am an avid reader.  She sent me these two books.  She used to work in a book store and get to take home books.  Jealous!

 Lindsay's husband actually helped her with these snacks that were sent to me.  I am spacing them out so they last longer.  I have had the Apple Harvest Crunch Dried Fruit and is was delish!  I also had the Summer Strawberry chewy bar.  It's very much like a fruit roll up.  The mint honey patties are yummy too.  Gosh, who knew organic food could be so yummy!

I honestly think that the best thing was the little cut out hearts that she put with everything.   It was such a lovely touch and it really made the box!

Lindsay, thank you so much for all of the awesome things you sent me.  The list books have inspired me to start a weekly post and I can't wait to read the books.  Not too mention that the snack are pretty yummy! 

I have already signed up for the February Cara Box. I can't wait!

Make sure to come back for my Sunday Social and Monday's 5 for 5

Happy Super bowl...GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 49ers!