It's a Monday 5 for 5 ~ 3 for 5

Monday has arrived, once again.  I was really hoping for a blizzard last night.  Oh, well! I am teaming up with Jessica and Jen for today's post. I had a follower ask yesterday what 5 for 5 is, so here is the basic concept ~


1. You set 5 goals that you want to accomplish over the next 5 days of the work-week.
2.  Share your goals with all of blogland.
3.  Power through that list during the week.
4.  Come back the next week to share how you did.
5.  Set some more goals for yourself and repeat.

This past week for me was busy at work.  There were a couple days where I was the last one to leave the office!
1. Rid my apartment of icky bugs.  I definitely got this one done.  I love the foggers that you can buy at Lowes, becuase I am able to do it myself with out having to wait on the building to take care of it.
2. I will moisturize my hands and feet every night before I go to bed.  I didn't do this.  Sometimes, by the time I'm in bed, I just want to sleep!
3. Organize my February budget. I got this one and I feel super organized.  My bill board is up and tomorrow is pay day, so I will be taking care of some bills! (boo...I'm really not as excited about bills as I seem to be).
4.  Buy stamps.  I didn't get to this and I just found out that the price of stamps went up on January 27th!  Good grief!
5. Try 2 new recipes.  Check and Check!  I will blog about these later this week, but both are super yummy!

Okay, so 3 for 5 is not bad :)

What's up for this week, you ask?  Let's see ~

1. Finish Homer's Odyssey.  I really want to finish this book so I can start on Night Road by Kristin Hannah.
2. No hulu Monday-Thursday after work.  I am really going to try hard on this one.  I think I need to quiet my brain when I get home.  Just make dinner, get ready for the next day and...
3. Write in my journal every night this week.  I haven't written in it since January 7th.
4. Do not leave the house with dirty dishes.  It is so nice to come home to an empty sink!
5.  No silly spending.  If I don't need it I won't buy it!

What are some of your goals for the week?  Let me know in a comment below.

And make sure to come back tomorrow to find out all about the NoVa Blogger Meet up from over the weekend!