Happy Birthday to the Book Chat

Today is Thursday and that means it's book.chat time! 
Today is the 1 year birthday of the book.chat.  Jessica asked that for today's link up we choose a topic from over the last year.  Since I have only been doing this link up for a short while, I had a plethora of topics to choose from.  I decided to to with....

The book I chose is historical fiction (well, it's sort of fiction).  It's probably one of my all time favorite books.  It is called Jubilee, by Margaret Walker.

Here is the classic - and true - story of Vyry: the child of a white plantation owner and his black mistress, a southern Civil War herioine to rival Scarlett O'Hara.  Vyry bears witness to the South's antebellum opulence and to its brutality, its wartime ruin, and the promises of Reconstruction.  Jubilee is a story that Margaret Walker heard as a child from her grandmother, the real Vyry's daughter.  Weaving her family's oral history with thirty years of research, Walker has brought the true and everyday experiences of slaves to millions of readers around the world, black and white, young and old.  Jubilee churns with hunger, the hymns, the struggles, and the very breath of American History.

I was first introduced to this book in high school.  It wasn't a book that we were required to read.  It was sitting on my English teacher's classroom shelf and it looked interesting.  I read about half of it at the time.  It was always a book that stayed with me.  In 2006 I randomly went to Barnes & Noble and purchased it.  I remember I was working background on Grey's Anatomy.  I was playing a hospital visitor and I did a lot of sitting around.  I read the book, pretty much, in 1 day.  It is a beautifully told story that drew me in 100%.  It is a fantastic book and I recommend it to everyone!

I am linking up with Jessica over at Sweet Green Tangerine.  Go check her out!