Currently I'm...

Happy Monday everyone!
If you're lucky, like me, you are not working today.  I didn't even realize that I got today off until Wednesday!  I'm still not used to having "special holidays" off.  It's the operations side of me.  When I worked Front Desk I was there every holiday!

I have seen a lot of bloggers doing a Currently I'm... post and I'm really digging it.  So, I thought I would start the week of with a little insight to what I'm doing right now (Sunday night).

Currently I'm...

Reading... Homer's Odyssey.  Yes, it's the same book I've been reading for a month now.  I am detirmined to finish it today.  I don't have television, so I have no excuse.  I really want to start Kristin Hannah's Night Road.

Listening To... The fabulous Kevin Spacey in Netflix's original series House of Cards.  I've never seen it before, but have heard wonderful things about it. I will keep you posted!

Recovering from... Brunch with Jacq.  We stuffed our tummy's big time, but it was sooo good.  I had a Belgian Waffle, 2 scrambled eggs, and some fruit.  Yummy!

Hitting my head for... Canceling my gym membership.  I can't really afford it right now, but my apartment gym sucks!  Half the machines don't work properly and the other half aren't very good.  It's time to pull out Jillian Michael's DVD!  I mean, her abs are ahhhhmazing!

Avoiding... Nothing really!  That's a first!

Eating... Nothing at the moment, but I'm contemplating what to have for dinner.  Spaghetti or a grilled turkey sandwich?  I think I'll go with spaghetti.

Planning... My week's blogs.  I think I know what every day will be.  That's a first this far in advance.

Debating...  What restaurant to take my friend to tomorrow night.  My work gave me homework.  I'm supposed to go to a restaurant and listen to the server describe the specials.  Hmmm...where to go?

Laughing at... A picture of me and Clark Duke from my last night out in Los Angeles.  I found this picture among some of my things while I was cleaning and hung it up on the wall by my desk.  Love it!  I was a little tipsy that night, yet had absolutely no nerve to ask him for a picture.  So, my friend Will asked him for me!  Ahhh, the memories of L.A.
Hot Tub Time Machine, Kick-Ass, Superbad

Reminding myself... That I have Monday off.  I keep forgetting and I'm like, "wait, I still have all of tomorrow!"

Crushing on... Josh Duhamel!  After seeing Safe Haven... he's just so hot! There are not enough words except, well, YUM-O!

Currently saying... I love my apartment (I say this a lot)!  Especially after cleaning it and making warm and cozy.  Being on the 14th floor, I get a great view!  I have the blinds up and with the night sky, Washington DC is lit up!

What are you currently up to?

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