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Today's theme is Short Stories and Novellas.  I was a little bit stuck at first, because I usually read so many novels.  Then it hit me, "I have read a Novella!"

In 2000 Steve Martin (yes, the Steve Martin) wrote a novella called Shopgirl.  

Here is the summary from
Mirabelle works as a shop assistant in the glove department at Niemans, L.A.'s finest store; she also draws darkly gothic pictures at night. Adrift in the world and lonely, her situation is not improved by the fact that hardly anyone buys the kind of gloves that Niemans sell so she spends most of her day leaning on the counter staring into empty space. There are two men in her life - Jeremy, a man who stencils amplifiers for a living, and Mr Ray Porter, an older man and millionaire who applies logic to relationships, and is serially confused and disappointed. In this exquisitely self-contained novel, Steve Martin touches on the surface horrors of L.A. - the false noses, lips, breasts and people - without exaggeration or explicitly playing for laughs. It's insightful, dark, funny and tender Shopgirl is an incredibly strong piece of fiction.

I really enjoyed this book.  I felt for Mirabelle and really related to her.  She's bright, talented, and romantically challenged (much like myself).  A few years later it was turned into a movie, starring Steve Martin (of course). Claire Danes (one of my favs) and Jason Schwartzman.

They all did a fabulous job, especially Claire Danes.  It tends to happen, that when a book is turned into a movie that we lose a lot of what was so great about the book.  With Steve Martin starring in it we were guaranteed to get what we read.

As for short stories, I don't usually read these either, however, I do have one recommendation.  I don't know  if it would actually be considered a collection of short stories, but more of a collection of submissions.
Emma Forrest, one of my favorite writers, collaborated with several celebrities for this laugh out loud book - Damage Control.

Examples of contributers:  Minnie Driver, Marian Keyes, Francesca Lia Block, Rose McGowan, just to name a few.  I actually have had this book for quite some time, but haven't read it.  I am adding it to my book list of 2013.  I think that puts me at 24!

Happy Reading!

What are some of your favorite short stories?