Monday's 5 for 5

Happy Inauguration day everyone.  Congratulations to our 44th president on our country's 57th Inauguration!  Not to mention it being Martin Luther King Jr. Day...I'm staying away from our Nation's capitol and staying in my nice lovely home!

It is also Monday and that means 5 for 5. I am linking up with Jessica & Jenn for today's post.


Let's see how I did last week...

1. Work out 4 days this week.  I keep sucking at this one!  Maybe if I don't make it a "goal" then I'll actually do it!
2. Complete my "About Me" tab.  I am going to do this today!
3. Make a hair appointment for the weekend.  Yes! I got a hair cut and I love it!
4. Track what I eat every day.  Yeah, same here as with the working out one.  
5. Finish my new book Homer's Odyessey.  Haven't finished this one yet.  It's such a sweet book.  I will post more about this on Thursday.

I am starting to average a 1 for 5!  Let's see if I can do a little better this week ~ 

1. Vacuum apartment. After I do laundry I end up with sweater fuzz balls all over my carpet.
2. Wash all of my blankets and take comforter to Dry Cleaners.
3.  Give my lovely feet a much needed pedicure.  My poor feets!
4. Make sure my lunch is packed every night for the next day.  It's so much easier on my in the mornings.
5.  Actually keep up with my shows.  I was about 2 weeks behind on my beloved shows!

I think this is a week of goals that I can actually accomplish!

What goals are you setting for this week?  Have an awesome week!!!!!!