A Monday 5 for 5

Welcome to a new week with new goals (maybe some of the same ones)!  

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Today I am linking up with the fabulous Jessica, who blogs at Fantastically Average and Jenn over at Party of One.

Let's start with last week's goals and see how I did...

1. Do not go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink! I actually did really well on this one!  There were a few days that I didn't even use my kitchen, so that helped.
2. Work on 1 Blog Tab this week. I did not do this one.  I am going to make this another goal for the week.  I promise!
3. Go to bed every night by 9:30.  I did really well on this one, but there were a few nights that I couldn't help.  Wednesday I went to a book launch party and got home a little late (due to metro) and then Thursday I had Revenge premiere party at work.  So, I'll go halvies in this one.
4. Get back to journaling.  Yeah...I didn't do this at all.  It's tough to get everything packed in and write in my journal.  I will try to do better on this one.
5. Work out at least 3 times this week.  Yeah...I didn't do this one either.  No excuses here!

Okay, so last week...not so hot!  Let's try again...(I am repeating some)

1. Work out 4 days this week.  I have made a schedule and know which days I am going to work out & I'm going to do it!
2. Complete my "About Me" tab.  I promise!
3. Make a hair appointment for the weekend.  I need a trim, bad!
4. Track what I eat every day.  This is a WW thing.  I only lost 0.6 pounds last week.  I think if I track everything that I eat I will do better at being aware of what I'm eating.  I also want to plan out my meals.  Tomorrow is good to go - my lunch is packed and dinner will be at Book Club.  
5. Finish my new book Homer's Odyessey.  This is such a sweet book. I started it on Monday.  It's a short book (296 pgs) and I think it will be a fast read.

Those are my goals for the week.  What are some of your goals?