A Little Winter TV to Warm You Up

I love this time of year when all of my beloved television shows come back from their winter hiatus!
While I was at Target this weekend I spotted the current Entertainment Weekly: Winter TV Preview.  I snatched it up immediately.  The stars of Smash are on the cover and I couldn't help myself!

The article on Smash was pretty good.  I was slightly confused why it didn't come back in the fall with all of the other shows, but after reading the article it is quite clear.  According to EW there have been a gazillion changes made.  They axed several cast members and brought in fresh blood.  The show's creater, Theresa Rebeck, was also let go and Josh Safran (Gossip Girl) was brought in.  They are adding more original songs, more stage shows, and the leading role for Marilyn keeps going back and forth.  Jennifer Hudson is guest starring (currently signed on for 3 episodes) and Liza Minnelli (episode 10) as herself.  There is also a Q&A with Debra Messing.  I absolutely love this show and I cannot wait for Smash 2.0!!!!!

Smash returns to NBC on Tuesday, February 5th @ 9:00pm

My next favorite show to come back this winter is Downton Abbey.  It actually returned this past Sunday, January 6th.  I fell in love with this show last year.  I think I have several posts about it! The time period, the language, the formality of everything...I just love it!  That probably goes along with my romantic side.  Here's a little of what to expect ~

Downton Abbey Scribe Julian Fellowes has a piece of advice for viewers tuning into season 3: "Just make sure to have a box of Kleenex."  Picking up just months after the season's swoonworthy Christmas special, which concluded with Matthew and Mary's long-awaited engagement, season 3 promises emotional turmoil for both the upstairs and downstairs residents.  While Lord Grantham reels from the revelation that the estate is essentially bankrupt, Matthew and Mary butt heads (shocker!) before their nuptials.  Meanwhile, Anna is intent on getting Bates out of prison and a devastating event sends a "shock wave that ripples through the house."  Consider yourselves warned!

That is straight from the horse my friends (the horse being Entertainment Weekly) and I couldn't have put it better myself!

You can tune into PBS on Sundays @ 9pm to catch Downton Abbey.