A Fabulous High 5 for Friday

*Friday is here again*

Sorry for the missed post yesterday, my days kind of got away from me this week.  I hope everyone's week was fantastic.  I am doing this from work and my computer won't let me upload pictures, but here are the high lights from my week ~

1.  Downton Abbey as returned to the US with Season 3 and I was super disappointed that Hulu Plus isn't showing it :(  But...I went to the PBS website and you can watch it there!!!!!  My Saturday will be dedicated to Downton Abbey & all of my other shows!

Thank you PBS

2. I was invited, by my dear friend Marcy, to attend a book launch party.  I had only ever seen these in Bridget Jones Diary and was super excited! It was at the Corcoran Gallery of Art.  It was quite the fabulous event. There were hundreds of people there.  We were able to taste test the food from some of the restaurants featured in the book.  It was a lovely event!

I love books!

3. Yesterday I attended my first Kimpton Sales Rally.  It was so motivating and so fun!  There is a reason why Kimpton is one of the top companies to work for!  I'm ready for 2013!

Yay for Kimpton!

4.  Now that she has announced it on her own blog, I can finally say something!  My best friend is pregnant!  I am so excited!  Linds has always wanted to be a momma and now she is getting everything she ever wanted.  I could not be happier for Linds and Tolar! They are going to me amazing parents.

Here's to the future Tolar Baby!

5. Looking to the Stars is almost organized!  I was able to look at the "Stats" for my blog and I'm seeing where people are linking through to my blog and where in the world people are reading me (Poland?) and what they look at the most!  So many people have clicked on the "About Me" tab and I unfortunately haven't done that part yet.  I am detirmed to get it done!

I am linking up with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk for today's High 5 for Friday.

Have a great weekend!