Wednesday Walkabout!

Happy Wednesday everyone!  This is my first Wednesday Walkabout..woohoo!

I'm linking up with Jane who blogs over at Adventures to Taingamala for today's Walkabout.

How was everyone's Christmas?  Were you a good little girl or boy and did you get some awesome stuff from Santa?  Do you want to see what I got?  Check it out!

My awesome stocking stuffers...
1.  Mom found a bottle of wine called "WTF!!!" at the store.  So awesome!  And it's a Pinot Noir!
2.  I got a couple gift for Subway and another for Starbucks.  Perfect!
3. Dad got me a Vanity Fair magazine.  It has Kate Moss on the cover, but inside is an article about "Downton Abbey."  I love this show!  It starts January 6th!!!!!
4.  Some much needed vaseline chapstick was also in my stocking.

My Christmas presents...
1. Ever since I was 11 years old I have been collecting Madame Alexander Dolls.  Every year Santa brings me a new one.  This year Santa brought me a "Wendy Loves Cheer Bear" doll. Every doll has a story behind it from my live.  When I was a little I had a Care Bear Cheer doll.  The Wendy doll is so sweet and so cute! (I am not going to be the crazy lady with cats and dolls!)
2.  I also got a digital picture frame!  Mom thought it would be cool to have in my office :)  Love it!
3. There is a company called Spent Rounds Designs.  They make jewelry out of spent rounds, bullets!  Mom got me a pair of earrings and they are really cool.  I can't wait to wear them!
4. Dad got me and mom little pyrex dishes for our soup.  Pyrex is amazing and I love it!  Now I have a sturdy microwavable dish for my soup :)
5.  Mom got me a pair of finger-less/mitten gloves.  They are from Mossimo, which can be bought at Target.  They are a really pretty blue and so soft.  They will definitely keep my fingers warm!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  
Keep safe and warm!

It's sleeting here in Roanoke.

Drive safe and Happy Holidays!