To My Dad

In the year 1955 David was born.

I think he's about 4 years old in the picture, sitting on his dad's lap.

In the late 70's he met this girl and they fell in love...
This is my dad biting my mom's thumb!  And people wonder where my craziness comes from ;-)

They got married in 1978 and 5 years later I was born.
Dad looks so happy!  I don't!  In this picture is my grandma Gracie, my dad's grandma, dad, and me.  
The Generation Photo

Then I was baptized...
Look at my dad rockin' the 70s hair and chic shades!  So Don Johnson of him!

This is my all time favorite photo of me and my dad.  I have it in a frame in my room still today.  This is at my Aunt Alexis's wedding.

This is me and dad now...

My dad's a pretty awesome dude!  He loves his family with all of his heart and would do pretty much anything for them.  I have a lot of traits that I get from loud on the phone, can't stand not having control, crinkly sounds of wrappers...just to name a few.  But he's a goofy guy with a big heart!

One of the funniest things about my dad is his 30 minute projects that turn into 3 days, 3 get the idea!  They always end up...well, like this...Tim Taylor Slip Ups.

I love you dad!  Thanks being an awesome dad!!!!!!!