Sunday Social

Welcome to the last Sunday of 2012.

I'm linking up with Ashley (Ashley's Carnival Ride) and Neely (A Complete Waste of Makeup) for today's "New Year's Eve" Sunday Social.  This is also my first Sunday Social and I'm very excited to be a part of it!

Sunday Social

This week's questions are all in regards to the New Year ~

1. What is the best New Year's Ever you've ever had?
I think for me, my best New Year's was back in college, NYE 2003.  A sorority sister of mine threw this amazing party at her parent's house in VA Beach.  So many of my friends went.  It was super formal, so we all got to dress up to the nines!  There was a dinner buffet around 10pm and a breakfast buffet around 2 am!  We had such a great time!

2. Are you doing anything for NYE this year and if so what?
As of right now I still don't know what I'm doing tomorrow night.  I'm still getting over my upper respiratory infection and on my antibiotic.  It might end up being a lounge night.  Maybe I'll pop over to a bar for a drink at midnight to watch the ball drop and then come back home.

3. Name a book we could all read, come January.
I would highly recommend Gone Girl.  I finished it on Friday (stayed up until 3am reading!).  This book is so hard to put down and it keeps you going!  Definitely put this on your reading list for 2013.

4. What are some New Year's resolutions?
You will have to stop by tomorrow for the "5 for 5" link up!  Tomorrow is "5 for 2013." Plus, that gives me time to narrow down my giant list to 5!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! See you tomorrow!