Pixie & Trixie

Happy St. Nicholas Day!!!

What is St. Nicholas Day?  It is the Saint Nicholas all saints day!
In Holland it is a tradition that you put your little wooden clogs out on the night of December 5th.  The next morning you would wake to find your shoes filled with toys and candy.

Well, I still celebrate this lovely day, even at 29 years old!  Ever since I was little, two little elves named Pixie & Trixie have surprised me on the sixth day of December.  

What did I get this year...

I got a whole bunch of goodies!  I think Pixie & Trixie are catching on to my Snowman obsession!

Pixie & Trixie had this card specially made, just for me!!!

Some amazing chocolate covered pretzels and candy cane cocoa!!!!!  I am going to try some this weekend while watching Christmas in Connecticut (my all time favorite Christmas movie).

I was definitely wanting some Christmas themed kitchen towels! More Snowmen!!!!!

Snowmen Ice Cream Cone ornaments...AWESOME!!!!!
and Snowmen Earrings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pixie and Trixie have it going on this year!!!!

They are always watching me! :-)

What special Holiday traditions do you celebrate each year?

Until next time *erica*