Monday's 5 for 5

Happy Monday everyone!  How was your weekend?  Well, my 5 for 5 was not the best this week.  However, I did clean my apartment (all of it…thoroughly) and put up a poster frame that has been sitting on my floor for a while.  I also organized my home office space a bit better (I will post about that later). 

I'm linking up w/ Jessica at Fantastically Average & Jenn at Party of One for today's 5-4-5.


Here’s how my 5 for 5 went

Last Week’s Goals:
(I didn’t do very well)
Exercise 4 days this week…I exercised 1 day, again.  On Saturday I woke up early and actually went to the gym.  I did cardio while reading my book. Boo for only 1 day!
Start reading my new book club book, Little Women.  This I actually did do!  I have finished the first chapter in the book.  I don’t know when my next book club meeting is, but so far so good!
Keeping track of what I eat in my Food JournalI didn’t do this at all...enough said.
Go to bed by 9:30 for the rest of the work week and Sunday.  Okay, Tuesday (check), Wednesday (check), Thursday I got pulled into my first sales Happy Hour and ended up home and in bed by 11:30pm.  Sunday I definitely went to bed on time!  So, 3 days was pretty good!
Limit my Hulu intake to 1 show per day…no more!  I failed on this one.  Some nights I did well, but others I couldn’t stop! Haha!

This Week’s Goals:
I’m going to try it againExercise 3 days this weekI have a couple engagements this week, so hopefully I can get 3 days in.
Read 2 chapters in Little Women this week.  It’s a really long book…472 pages…I can’t get behind!
Purchase all of my Christmas presents…I know what I’m getting and I just need to go buy them!
Close my crappy bank account…It’s tough going into a bank and closing an account.  They want to know why and when they hear your reasons they want to try and convince you to stay.  I’m going to go in there and show them whose boss!
Try a Yoga class…this is in addition to the 3 days at the gym.  I think yoga would be really good for me!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Holiday season.  I started following a Facebook page called And My Cat and I love the pictures of the kitties! Here's a super cute Christmas Tree Kitty!