This is my first "Insta-Tuesday's" Post

I'm relatively new to Instagram...still learning the filters and such. I do enjoy making my pictures look pretty cool! :)

I'm linking up for Insta-Tuesday with Jane at Taingamal.

Here's what I've got for you!

I was walking from my new hotel, The Rouge, to the DC Palomar for training and I passed by a building that was being torn down.  I've never seen this before! Crazy!  Lots of people were taking pictures of it.

On Friday, Nov 30th, the Sales team had an outing to Blue Ridge Arsenal to shoot some guns.  We shot 2 different hand guns.  One of the BRA employees was nice enough to let us pose for pictures with this camo gun.  Super fun!

This is one of my favorite new ornaments on my tree.  I love diet coke!

 After the Blue Ridge Arsenal the sales team headed to Paradise Springs Winery for a wine tasting.  It was yummy and fun.  I found this picture on one of the walls (in the ladies room) and thought I'd take a pic of it.

 On Saturday, I did a photo shoot with my friend Jacqueline.  After the pics of me, she took a lot of sunset pictures.  Jacq's are much prettier, but I snapped this one myself.

Until next time ~ *erica*