*High 5 for Friday*

Saying Good Bye to Gossip Girl

Today's High 5 for Friday is dedicated to the Gossip Girl series finale.

1. The Series Finale of the much adored TV drama Gossip Girl aired this past Monday night.  Bestie and I had a pizza party, gift exchange, and some wine while we said goodbye to S, B, & Lonely Boy.

2.  Chuck and Blair finally tie the knot!!!!! WooHoo! It took them long enough to get together!

3.  We meet Henry Bass, son of Blair and Chuck....so cute!

4.  Serena and Lonely Boy, aka Dan Humphrey, get married!!!!  So many relationships!  Of course she ends up with Lonely Boy

5. And finally, the identity of Gossip Girl is revealed to be the one, the only....
****DAN HUMPHREY!!!!!!!!

Bestie and I were in total shock when we found out it was Dan.  I was completely convinced that it was Jenny this whole time! 

I really want to read the books now, because I want to see if Dan is the real Gossip Girl (if you know, don't tell me).  See, in the books, Chuck actually dies!  They didn't kill him off in the tv series!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend...Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!!!

xoxo ~ *e*

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