Happy 5 for 5 Monday!

Happy Monday!  How was everyone's weekend? Mine was pretty relaxed.  I hung out with some girlfriends each night.  What did you do?

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How was your week?  Here is how mine was...not sooo great (goal wise)...!

1. Exercise 3 days this week...I didn't do this at all.  I have no good excuse.  My mother is watching! I just have to try harder next week!
2. Read 2 chapters in Little Women...I kept leaving this book in my gym bag (which was in my car because I never went to the gym).  So, I started reading my next book club book Gone Girl and I am hooked!  Little Women will have to wait!
3.  Purchase all of my Christmas Presents...this did not happen.  I will take care of this!
4.  Close my crappy bank account...I DID IT!!! Breaking up is hard to do, but I did it!
5.  Try a yoga class...I didn't do this.  I planned on it (as I did the rest of the gym), but it didn't happen.

Well, 1 out of 5 aint bad! haha...IT IS REALLY BAD!

Okay...for this week I really plan on doing GREAT!

1. No Diet Coke...for those of you that REALLY know me, you know that this is going to be a big challenge.  I did not have any diet coke on Sunday.  I have a lot of Vitamin Water Zero to substitute.
2. Week 1 of No Alcohol...yes, this is a MASSIVE one!  My old roommate and I were talking about this tonight, actually.  I need to stop turning to my favorite pinot noir when I have had a long day.  A green tea or hot chocolate should be good enough.
3. I am hitting up Zumba on Wednesday night at 7pm.
4. I will read 50 pages in my book,  Gone Girl.  I dont think this will be hard to do.  I am pretty sucked in already!
5.  I will get my Christmas cards sent out this week!  I just need to get stamps!

Good luck to everyone!