*Another 5 for 5 Monday*

Happy Monday everyone.  How was everyone's weekend?  Mine was quite enjoyable.  I got my first contract signed at work on Friday and then Saturday I helped a friend celebrate her 30th birthday!

How was your week?  Mine was good, but I didn't hit all of my goals...just 1.5! Here's how I did ~

1. No Diet Coke...this didn't happen at all! The only day that I had 0 diet coke was yesterday.
2. Week 1 of No Alcohol...I didn't go the entire week without drinking, but drank much less than I have been!  I had some celebratory wine on Friday, after getting my first event contract signed, and I had drinks at my friend's birthday party last night.  So, I'm going to go "half-sies" on this one. 
3. I am hitting up Zumba ...I went home after work.  No gym this week :(
4. I will read 50 pages in my book,  Gone Girl...I didn't read 50 pages, I read 100  pages!  This book is sooo good and I have a hard time putting it down!  In fact, I will be reading more after I finish this post.
5.  I will get my Christmas cards sent out this week!...I am hoping to get them out by Wednesday. Sorry everyone if your card is a little late.

~ Here are my goals for this week ~

1.  Working out 3 days this week - I am trying out a new gym routine and I hope it works :)  I will give more details next week.
2.  No Diet Coke - I'm going to try this again!
3.  Finish up my Christmas shopping - I know exactly what I'm getting, just need to get it!
4. Stretch in the morning -   I had a charlie horse in my leg Saturday night and boy did it hurt!  I read that stretching in the morning is highly recommended, so I'm going to start doing that.
5. I am not going to spend extra money - Besides my Christmas shopping, I am not going to spend any extra money.

Alrightie!  Let's hope it's a better week :)

Happy Monday everyone...


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