A Christmas Eve 5 for 5

Happy Christmas Eve Everyone! 
I hope you wake up tomorrow with lots of toys in your stockings and no coal!

On this Christmas Eve, thank you for stopping by for today's 5 for 5.  I'm linking up with Jessica over at Fantastically Average.


How was everyone's week?  Let's see how I did...~

1.  Working out 3 days this week - yeah, this didn't happen!
2.  No Diet Coke - I actually did AWESOME on this one!  I had 2 diet cokes all week!!!!
3.  Finish up my Christmas shopping - I did this one too!  Considering tomorrow is Christmas...haha!
4. Stretch in the morning -   I did stretch, but not as much as I wanted too...half-sies on this one.
5. I am not going to spend extra money - I did this one too! Yay!  The only money I spent was on Christmas presents and they were already planned out and in my budget! WooHoo!
I did pretty good this week! Yay!
For next week...~
1. I will complete the "About Me" tab on my blog - I should probably put a little something about me in there!
2. Start thinking of New Year's Resolutions - I usually come up with a HUGE list, but I've learned from my new boss to be more realistic with things like this.  So, I will come up with 2 or 3.
3.Make a Hair Appointment - I need a hair cut, bad!  I think the last one I had was back in August!
4. Clean My Apartment - My little studio could us a good cleaning!  I think I will actually do this on New Year's Eve.  Ring in the new year with a nice clean apartment!
5. Christmas Thank You's - I need to write my thank you cards for my Christmas presents!

Well, that's my list for the last week of December!!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Tomorrow I will announce the winner of my Holiday Giveaway!