*5 for 2013*

Well, it's that time of year again.  That time of year when we all decide to make these "resolutions" that we are going to keep to throughout the year.  I remember this one year where I wrote an entire diary entry of things I was going to "resolve" too.  I've learned over the years that it is more realistic to pick a few things rather than a giant list!

I'm linking up with Jessica and Jen for today's "5 for 2013."

I guess we should look at last week's goals first, right? ... ~

1. I will complete the "About Me" tab on my blog - Yeah, I didn't get to this.  I'm going to blame my Upper Respiratory Infection.  I'm going to try to get this done before going back to work!
2. Start thinking of New Year's Resolutions - Here they are!!!
3. Make a Hair Appointment -I have not called my hair girl yet. 
4. Clean My Apartment - I am actually going to do this today!  I took down all my Christmas decorations last night and today, before celebrating the old and ringing in the new, I will clean my apartment!
5. Christmas Thank You's - I did do these and they will be mailed out today! WooHoo!

~ 3 for 5, not bad!!!!  Okay, here are my 5 New Year's Resolutions for 2013 ~

1. Get out of my debt! 
I am so close and this year, 2013, I am going to do it.  I have a plan and I'm sticking to it!
2.  I will hit my Goal Weight!  
I have joined Weight Watchers.  I have realized (mostly admitted to myself) that my biggest problem is food.  I have no willpower over delicious foods.  I have been to 2 meetings so far and I am really liking it.  I really think WW will help and I will finally get down to my goal weight!
3.  Twice a month I will try a new recipe.  
With Weight Watchers you get a bunch of new recipes all the time.  Not only will this be really good for my waist line, but it will also help me learn to cook a little bit more!
4.  I will hit 100 followers.  
Now, I know that I don't really have control over this one, but I know that I can do it!  I started this little blog (inspired by my bestie and her blog Pursuit of Pink) back in September and I am heading into 2013 with 41 followers.  I have no doubt that I can reach 59 more fabulous people!
5.  I will read 2 books a month (24 this year).  
I'm in a book club, so that guarantees a certain amount of books to be read.  I also have quite a few books that I haven't read that I would like to.  I'm going into the New Year reading Little Women. I have a huge fan of the Winona Ryder movie, but have never read the book.  I have 2 weeks to read this massive (560 pages) book.  Let's get reading!

Well, there you have it.  My Resolutions for 2013.  What are yours?

********HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!