2 people that have turned my blog around!

Person #1 ~ Kaylee Hornsby

As most of you can probably tell, my blog got a little bit of a face lift recently!

Thank you to Kaylee Hornsby!  She blogs over at All Things Bright and Beautiful.

Kaylee had started following my blog and emailed me about possibly designing my blog for me.  I was totally stoked!  I had been thinking about getting it designed sometime next year, but when Kaylee suggested she do it (for an amazing price) I jumped at the chance!

Kaylee sent me to a website to pick out some color schemes and also send her some pictures.  I sent her my about me blurb and she put it together!  She did an awesome job and I couldn't be happier!  If you are interested in getting your blog, or any site, designed you should definitely talk to Kaylee!

Person #2 ~ Jacqueline Coleman

Back in October, I dedicated a post to my former roommate, Jacq.  What you guys don't know, is that Jacq dabbles in photography.  When Kaylee approached me about my blog she asked for some pictures.  I didn't have any recent pictures!  So, I called up Jacq to see if she wanted to do a little photo shoot.  One Saturday we headed into Washington, DC and took some pictures over by the Lincoln Memorial around sunset.  It was so pretty and we got some great shots!  The ones below are some of my favorite...

A big thank you to Kaylee and Jacqueline.  They are amazing!!!!!

To get in touch with Kaylee, just visit her blog (link above).  If you're in the DC/NOVA area and want to get in touch with Jacqueline, just leave me a comment!