Road Trip Home

I love being back on the East Coast, because that means I get to go home more often.  Being away from Roanoke for five years really made me appreciate it more.  It’s so green and beautiful. My mom and dad are there.

Blue Ridge pretty!

I’m headed home for the Thanksgiving weekend.  Boy, what a weekend I have ahead of me.  I have a four hour drive south to start.  On Thursday we are getting up early for the Drumstick Dash.  It’s a 5K that supports the Rescue Mission.  After the Dash we will head to Starbucks for our morning coffee and then mom wants to hit up BoJangles for some biscuits!

We will then head back to the house to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (which we DVR’d) and start preparing dinner.  The parade, for me, is what really marks the Holiday season.  I love seeing the Broadway performances in the beginning and then Santa Claus bring it all in!  Last year Macy’s had a great looking Santa! 

I usually like to watch my first Christmas movie of the season right after the parade.  It’s usually It’s a Wonderful Life or Miracle on 34th Street.

Dinner will be around 4pm.  This year I’m making the sweet potato recipe that I posted about a few weeks ago.  I’m going to make the pieces a bit bigger this time.  After dinner we’ll probably go see a movie.  My mom really wants to see the new holiday animated movie Rise of the Guardians.  It looks really good!!!  Then….

***************PREPARATION FOR BLACK FRIDAY***************

I’ve got goals and I’ve got a list (in my head).  Movies (I’m not on the Blue-Ray bus just yet) and clothes for my new job.

I wish everyone a Happy Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Until next time ~ *erica*