How to Decorate a Fake Christmas Tree

A lot of people are anti-fake trees.  I’m all for them!  There are 3 instances that I remember having a real Christmas tree. The first one was my first Christmas ever.  We went up to the Sierra Nevada’s and picked out a tree.  We cut it down and brought it back home.  After I was put down for bed my mom and dad started to decorate it and hornets came flying out!!!  My dad opened the sliding glass door and tossed the tree out, ornaments and all!  The second time I remember having a Christmas tree was when we lived in Pennsylvania (I think).  I don’t think anything really happened with that one, but it just died.  The last time I remember having a tree was the Christmas after I graduated from college. I was living at home again and mom and dad took me to get a real life Christmas tree.  I even got to pick it out.  Afterwards, we went and got pizza before I went to work. 

For the most part, I grew up with a massive fake Christmas tree.  You get to keep it from year to year.  You don’t have to water it and it doesn’t die!  You arrange the branches to your liking and put the ornaments on with lights and garland.  They turn out beautiful and you can keep it up as long as you want.

I think that maybe some people are intimidated by fake trees.  You have to put it together and then you have to spread out the branches.  It can take some time, but the outcome is great!  Below, I have outlined how to decorate a fake Christmas tree.

~ Picking the right tree for you ~
As with a real tree, you have to take into consideration what size tree will be best.  I have a 400 sqft studio apartment.  I knew where I wanted my tree and just had to find the right one.  I found mine at Target - a 6ft Fraser Fir tree. It was only $20!

~ Putting it together ~
The next step, of course, is to take it out of the box and put it together.  This can be the most annoying part, because the branches are prickly. You want to start spreading the branches from the bottom up. 
Ta Da!

~ Basic Decorating ~
Next, of course, is putting on the lights.  I prefer white lights.  For my 6ft tree I used 4 strands of 13ft lights.
For the lights, you want to start at the top.  Make sure that the end with no prongs is at the top.  I made this mistake on Sunday and ended up having to completely redo my lights, because I started with the prong on the top!

The next step is the garland.  I'm a big fan of the red garland, but they make it in all kinds of different colors.  The even make tinsel trees now! Start again at the top!  I used 3 strands of garland.

~ Adding Accents...aka...Ornaments ~
Ever since I was little, my mom and dad bought us a new ornament every year.  That way, when we grew up and moved out, we would have ornaments for our Christmas tree.  I have all my "growing up" ornaments and I definitely have some new ones ~

Happy Decorating Everyone!!!!

Until next time ~ *erica*