High 5 for Black Friday

Happy High 5 for Friday!

What a week I've had!  How was your week?

1. Tuesday was my last night at Donovan House hotel.  It was kind of bitter sweet!  After work a few of my colleagues took me out for drinks.  My concierge bought be a farewell package ~ packs of nacho cheese Doritos, an 8 pack of Diet Coke, and two very large packs of Twizzlers!  My crew knows me too well!

2. I came home to Roanoke on Wednesday and that night my dad lit up the fire pit and my mom made hot buttered rum!  We roasted marshmallows too!!!  Tonight, we are going to sit out by the fire pit again and mom is going to make Hot Toddies!

3. Thursday morning we all got up early and headed downtown to walk the Drumstick Dash.  The race started at 9am and we got there around 8:30am.  The Drumstick Dash benefits the Rescue Mission and all of their programs.  There were over 15,000 people there!  
Me, Mom, and her friend Debbie in the car on the way to the Drumstick Dash

Me, Mom, & Dad getting ready to walk the Dash!

             Me & The Turkey Man!                                                         A frothy hot chocolate @ Starbucks!

4.  After we got home from the race we started working on dinner.  We drank mimosas and scoured the ads for Black Friday!  I made my sweet potatoes and they turned out sooo much better the second time around! They were golden and beautiful!
Mimosas with mom & dad

My beautiful sweet potatoes!!!!

5. After dinner (and a nap) we ladies headed out to the stores at 7:30pm.  Target opened at 9pm and we waited in line for 90 minutes...shopped for about 45 minutes...and then waited in line to check out for another 45 minutes! Haha!  But I got 7 new movies and a new book!
Me, Debbie, and Mom in line for Target

After Target, we headed to the mall.  Macy's opened at 12midnight, so we waited at the bar at Buffalo Wild Wings and had a drink! B-Dubs opened at 3pm on Thanksgiving and was staying open all night until close on Friday! CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!  I was quite successful at Express and Limited. 

Mom and I are heading back out into the wild today, but not going to be quite as crazy as last night!

Until next time ~ *erica*

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