A Tuesday 5 for 5

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Sorry to have missed Monday and that this is up a little late.  I went home for the Thanksgiving Holiday and when I got home I became distracted by my Christmas tree and starting my new job.  My 5 for 5 is a little late, but here’s how I did.

Last Week’s Goals – Not too shabby!
Exercise 4 days this week. Okay, I only worked out 1 day this week and that was on Thanksgiving Day.  I did the Drumstick Dash with my mom and dad; a 5K benefiting the Rescue Mission.
Clean my makeup brushes. It’s amazing how much makeup builds up and how soft the brushes are after you clean them!
Hang up picture frame.  Yay…this was the first task that I completed.  I hung it over my nightstand and it looks great!
Get my car’s oil changed. My dad assisted me with this.  He took my car to Firestone while I slept in on Friday. Thanks dad!
Change Banks!!!!! I have opened a new account at a new bank!  I did this on Wednesday before heading home for the holiday.  I will be able to close my old one after my next paycheck! Good bye Wells Fargo!

This Week’s Goals
Exercise 4 days this week.  I’m really going to try to do this.  I’m getting used to my new schedule bit by bit.  My goal is to work out Thursday-Sunday.
Start reading my new Book Club book, Little Women.  I’m in a wonderful book club, Literary Lushes, and our next book is Little Women.  It’s not a small book.  I need to get started!
Keeping track of what I eat in my Food Journal.  I’m usually really bad about this.  I started keeping track again today.  I hadn’t kept track in exactly 2 weeks!  My goal is to write in it every day.
Go to bed by 9:30pm for the rest of the work week and Sunday. I did really well and went to bed early this past Sunday night.  Last night, however, not so well!  I went to bed around 11:30pm and it was tough getting up this morning.  I need to get a new routine established and it needs to start with a bed time!
Limit my Hulu intake to 1 show per day…no more! I watch too much TV!  I cancelled my Hulu Plus subscription so I could watch less and focus on other things; like reading, the gym; bed time.  That was my problem last night.  So, I will now try to keep the Hulu to a minimum.  We’ll see how this works.

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