Weekend Wrap Up

Well, readers, I had a good/interesting weekend. Here's my wrap up for you...

Saturday evening I worked at the hotel. It was a flash back to college! One of my sorority sisters, Jen, got married on Saturday and her guests were staying at my hotel. It was so great to see old friends. Jen looked beautiful in her wedding dress and her bridesmaids looked beautiful as well! I have had Gamma Phi Beta songs stuck in my head all weekend :) For some of the girls it was as if it had just been yesterday that we'd seen each other. Kim and Kim (yes, there are two) wanted pictures with me in the lobby. It's strange how we lose touch with people. After college I went home to Roaonke, then 10 months later I moved to California. Sure, there was MySpace and Facebook, but it's not the same as being in the same city. I hadn't seen most of these girls in about 7 years! It was nice seeing them again!

Jacqueline was in Chicago this weekend for the Miami U game and you know what that means...I get to babysit Frisco! I recently downloaded Instgram for the first time and am finally figuring it out. I took some pictures of Frisco while I was checking on him this weekend and learned how to make a collage of pictures :) Yay for too much time on my hands! haha!

My Sunday started off with brunch. My second brunch in DC! I met a friend at Carlyle in Shirlington. The food was good, a little fancy for my taste. I'm more of a diner eggs and bacon with a Belgian waffle kinda girl! After brunch I went and saw House at the End of the Street. DON'T GO SEE THIS MOVIE! It's so bad! I was in the mood for a horror movie, but this does not qualify for one at all. If you do want to see it, then I won't throw in any spoilers. I thought it was really bad! I made up for the movie by walking around my "happy place," Barnes and Noble. I bought a new planner and a bargain $5 book, Men and Dogs, by Katie Crouch. I read another one of her books, Girls in Trucks, and really liked it. I started it last night and so far so good!

I came home from my Sunday outings to paint my nails a dark Wicked and watched Practical Magic before meeting Bestie for dinner. Linds and I wanted to have a light dinner at Panera, but they were about to close, so we headed over to Lone Star. We both got salads and had some girl talk. I love my Bestie! So glad I have her in my life (keep reminding me of those "cons" Linds!).

Last night I couldn't sleep. My knee was really bothering me, so I turned on Hulu and discovered a new fall tv show! Animal Practice It's really funny and there's a monkey! How can you not love a monkey! Think Marcel from Friends. This monkey's name is Rizzo, Dr. Rizzo. The cast is great too. Justin Kirk, from Weeds, plays the lead doctor and he's so funny! Love him! JoAnna Garcia Swisher, from Reba & Privileged, plays the director of the animal hospital. It's smart and funny and I definitely recommend it!

That about wraps up my weekend! I hope you all had a great weekend...tell me about it!

Until next time ~ *erica*