Tummy Tuck Tuesday ~ Week 2

Before I start talking about my weight & lack of fitness, I would like to take a moment to say
Especially to my mom's boss, Suechinni!  My mom has worked at her job for quite some years and it wasn't until Suechinni came along that my momma as happy as she is.  My mom and Suechinni have developed a wonderful friendship. She even helped me with a surprise trip home!
Thank you, Suechinni, for making my mom's work day all the more tolerable!

(***Suechinni is her nickname...My mom is Squash and I am Butternut Squash***)


Week 2...not going so strong. 
When I started this challenge on October 1st I weighed 152 lbs, the heaviest I've ever been.
When I weighed in last Tuesday, I was 149.6 lbs.  I weighed in this morning at 150.6.  I lost 2.4 pounds, then gained 1 pound back. 
Have no fear, it's a new week.  I've been very lazy about the gym.  It's tough when I work 3p-12midnight.  I get home and watch some hulu, read a little or write in my journal.  By the time I go to sleep sometimes it's 3am.  Then, I find myself hitting the snooze button like crazy and finally get out of bed at 12noon.  Yesterday for example, I was going to get up at 8:30am.  I was going to walk/jog 2 miles and have plenty of time to get ready for my lunch date before work.  Before I knew it, it was 9:45am.  I had to leave my apartment at 11:30am to meet up with my friend by 12noon.  BUST!

Lately, Marilyn Monroe has been very inspiring to me (also because I love Smash!).  I have pictures of her in my bathroom; one of her Norma Jean days and another of her in the white dress.  I also have a picture of her on my refrigerator in a pretty white bathing suit.
When she was around in the 50s she was SEXY!  She was also a size 14.  Today a size 14 is known as Plus Size and a size 2 is Skinny.  I am between a size 8 and a size 10; am I plus size?

ANYWHO...I'm not trying to start a debate...
The little app that I had on my phone ~ I never used it.  I've always been better when I write things down by hand.  That's why I still use a planner book, not my phone or my iPod.  So, I bought a notebook with Marilyn Monroe all over the cover!  With a notebook I can write down if I was emotionally eating, why I ate what I ate.  My mom keeps a food journal and it works really well for her.

I also follow Bethenny Frankel and I get her daily emails.  Her email today listed:
"10 Tips to Stop Dieting"
1.Your diet is a bank account.  The meals you eat throughout the day should balance each other so you're getting a full complement of nutrients.
2. You can have it all, just not all at once. Remember, you have plenty of meals in your future. You don't have to have pizza, wine, and dessert all in one (boy, did this one speak to me!!!).
3. Taste everything, eat nothing. Be choosy about what you put in your mouth and really tast the food you eat.
4. Pay attention. Don't multitask while eating. Sit down and experience your food at each meal.
5. Downsize now! Eat from smaller dishes and you'll feel satisfied with less.
6. Cancel your membership in the clean plate club. You don't need to finish everything on your plate. Get in the habit of sharing your food or saving leftovers for another meal.
7. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Make a promise to yourself that you will never binge eat again.
8. Know thyself.  Customize the way you eat to your personal preferences.
9. Get Real. Ditch processed food and go to the source: whole grains, fresh produce, and seasonal ingredients are best for your body. (I need to work on this one)
10. Good for you. Everything you do should come from a place of caring for and nurturing yourself.  Let this be your guide! 

Here's hoping for a better week!

Until next time ~ *erica*