Tummy Tuck Tuesday - Week 1

Don't freak out...I'm not actually getting a tummy tuck! I have decided to make my Tuesday post a weekly health & fitness update. I'm hoping, by putting it online, I will feel more accountable. Last Monday I posted about my "Fitness Plan." Well, I didn't do a very good job this week...eek! My dad is in competition with me when it comes to consuming soda...I'm not doing so hot on that one either; pretty sure my dad is kicking my a**. Alcohol, mainly wine, another issue. I was doing so well with not drinking (3 whole days! haha), but sitting at Jacq's birthday happy hour just drinking water was more difficult than I thought it would be - I had some wine.

I found a, hopefully, inspirational picture of a cute red head pin up girl on a scale ~

Starting today I am heading back to the gym! I know I say it all the time (mom and Linds can verify this), but I've gotta get my a** in gear. I looked in the mirror yesterday morning and I look so round in the face (this is a personal opinion and I'm allowed to have it!). I cleaned out my closet last week and when it comes to pants I am left with the following: 1 pair of skinny jeans, 1 pair of denim capris, 1 denim skirt, and 1 pair of black leggings. This is no bueno; especially since it's getting cold out now. I didn't bother with the skirts hanging up in my closet, because those will eventually fit again. Pants are a tougher thing. However, I did save my "skinny" jeans and by "skinny" I mean they fit a year go - size 6 at Express. My work skirt is a size 10. WOW!

What a difference a year makes. Granted, I am on a couple medications - your typical birth control that always adds weight gain - and another one that has a side effect of an added appetite. I have that little app on my phone that I told you about, "My Fitness Pal." I totally slacked on it this weekend. When I went grocery shopping on Friday I bought lots of lovely good food. Plenty of salad ingredients, organic chicken, fish, fruit, veggies. The only crackers in my cabinet are multi-gran with flax seed (they are actually really good) from Trader Joe's.

I have been a member of Gold's Gym since December 2011. I haven't been the best member. Only going when I 'feel' like it, which isn't all that often. I will get into a groove and then get into a slump. That's slump's been happening for a while now! I have looked at my current schedule and mapped out my weekly plan. I will put it here and then next Tuesday will see how well I did!

~Tuesday 10/9 - Cardio on my own. I'm going to try the gym in my apartment building!
~Wednesday 10/10 - Cardio on my own w/upper body weights
~Thursday 10/11 - Vinyasa Flow Yoga
~Friday 10/12 - Cardio on my own and lower body weights ~ I have Friday off from work, so there is NO EXCUSE!!!
~Saturday 10/13 - Zumba ~ I have Saturday off too and the Zumba class is at the closer gym and not until 12noon...NO EXCUSE!!!

Wish me luck ~ until next time ~ *erica*