Loving Lately ~ My 1st 5K!

Need an idea for a work out?  Do a 5K!
This was my first time doing a 5K and I loved it!  (especially walking it) I’m already signed up for another one this Saturday – The Aids Walk.
So, the 5K…The Color Run
This past Sunday I participated in The Color Run with Bestie & Tolar at the National Harbor.  The Color Run partners with a different charity in each city that participates.  The charity for DC was the Children’s National Medical Center.
It was some crazy color fun!!!!  It is recommend that you wear white, because you will end up covered in COLOR!!!! With your registration you get a Color Run T-Shirt, Color Run Headband, Temporary Tattoo, and a color packet that is saved for the end of the race.  Now, at each 1K marker there are volunteers that throw color at you.  These were our markers: 1K Pink, 2K Orange, 3K Yellow, 4K Blue, Finish Line – Color Throw!  At the finish line you get to do a color throw, where you get out the packets you were given with your registration and throw it up in the air!  It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!  There were people rolling around on the ground in color.  Tolar even did this when we hit the Blue marker. I didn’t get any green, so I actually asked a guy with a green packet to throw some green at me.  I saw a purple dust cloud and ran into to get some purple!  There were families, groups of friends, and people of all ages there.  It really was a fantastic time and I will definitely be doing this again next year!
Check out pictures from race day below.

Wearing our fabulous Color Run Headbands!

My awesome temporary Color Run tattoo!

Action Shot...this is right after 3K - Yellow! 
I'm so glad I took my glasses off for the race!

I am fabulously covered in COLOR!!!!

Besties did it together! (w/Tolar :))

WooHoo!  Can't wait to do it again next year!

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Until next time ~ *erica*