True Colors

I did not have a "High 5 For Friday" post, because my day was a little crazy. I had some wonderful times this week. Thursday I went out and celebrated Jacqueline's birthday. We went to Zengo for Happy Hour and then Oya for dinner (very swanky!).

I want to take today's blog, however, and talk about something that has been on my mind ~ People's True Colors

On Wedesday, Lindsay, my bestie, had a blog post "On Honor." I'm going to take a line from her post: "What is honor? To me, honor is showing respect and following the golden rule. Human beings deserve respect. Plain and simple."
This is how I feel right now about people's "True Colors."

I had an experience today where I saw someone's true colors; definitely no Honor there. I have actually been experiencing this a lot lately with people around me. It's almost like you can't trust anyone anymore. Besides my family, I am beginning to discover that there are very few people out there that will keep your confidence. I can probably count on one hand the people that I KNOW would do this for me. It's unfortunate too. So many people are just out for themselves these days. They will use whatever type of information they can to get where and what they want.

I guess I just want to say...I cherish the people in my life that I can trust my deepest, darkest, secrets with. The people that I KNOW would never hurt me or use me to get something out of it. I left the selfish/fake world of Hollywood behind me, but I guess it's everywhere. You just need to know who you can and cannot confide in. Follow your gut. I know that I will more!

Until next time ~ *erica*