Things I'm Loving About Fall!

I am absolutely loving fall this year and I have my own place that I can decorate up a little bit. 
I didn't go too crazy, but here's a little bit of what I did...

I got this little owl lantern at Target for $2.50.  He glows so pretty with the little tea light at night.

My little pumpkin from Trader Joe's was starting to get mushy, so I carved him a scary face!  He looks awesome!

My mom gave me this little guy for Halloween a few years ago. It's a skeleton dressed up as a cat! :)  Instead of a pumpkin pale for candy, it's a fish!

I love little debbie cakes!  I don't eat them very often, but I just couldn't resist the fall party cakes!  So yummy!
What are you doing for fall decorations?  Let me know below!
Until next time ~ *erica*