*Social Sunday* ~ What'cha Watchin'?

A couple of weekends ago I posted a Sunday Social - Let's Get Reading post about my favorite books.  This weekend I thought I would do one about some movies!

Enjoy ~

The first movie I ever saw in the movie theater was…
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

I remember that I cried at the end, because I didn’t get to see them live happily ever after!  I still love this movie!

The first rated R movie that I ever saw was…
Jerry Maguire

I begged my mother to let me see this and she finally gave in.  All four of us (me, mom, dad, and little bro) went to see it.  My mom was so mad at me, because of the scene with Tom Cruise and Kelly Preston…when they were in the kitchen…doing…it!

If I could live in any movie it would be…
Singing in the Rain

This is one of my all time favorite movies.  I love this time period when movies were musicals (original ones…not the stuff Hollywood is putting out today…although I am looking forward to Les Mis).

My favorite scene and musical number is “Good Morning.”

If I could be any character from a movie it would be…
Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice

Two words..Mr. Darcy!

My all time favorite movie is…
Mystic Pizza

I LOVE this movie!  I can watch it all the way through without skipping any scenes. Classic Julia Roberts!

What are some of your favorite movies?
Hope you have a great rest of your weekend. 

Until next time ~ *erica*