High 5 for Friday!

It's PAY DAY!!!!!
So, definitely a Happy Friday for me!

I had a pretty good week too...

1. I got to see my cousin, Jenny, for the first time in almost 4 years.  The last time I saw her was Christmas 2008 when we were both in California.  I met her out in Clarendon on Friday night for happy hour.  We had a great time and will definitely see each other before she heads back to Ohio!

2. I have a total of 5 followers on my blog!  I know that might seem silly to some, but to me that's great!  I've been doing this for a little over a month now and have finally figured out a few things about this blogging world!
So, thank you to my five fabulous followers!

3. I am participating in my first blog swap ever!  I mailed out my swap stuff to my partner and it turns out she loved it!  I will post about that later when I get my things (November 2nd). 

4.  When I moved to my new apartment the end of July my subscription to Glamour Magazine got all messed up.  I missed two issues!!!  Well, this week I got the latest one in the mail! Yay for my girlie magazine... I have missed you!

5. Okay...you are going to think I'm a total geek!  Over the summer the movie Prometheus came out in theaters.  It's the prequel to the Alien movies.  Well, I loved Prometheus and I really wanted to see the Alien movies, but I couldn't find them anywhere!  A co-worker of mine happens to own them and is letting me borrow the "Quadrilogy"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So far, I have watched Alien & Aliens.  I plan on finishing the quadrilogy this weekend.  I'm LOVING Aliens!!!!  Yes, I'm a bit of a nerd! 

How was your week?  Tell me about it below!

P.S. ~ I am linking up with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk for today's post.  Check out her blog...it's super cute!

Until next time ~ *erica*