High 5 for Friday!!!

Boy, is it a great Friday. I have the day off, my cousin is in town, and it's going to be a beautiful weekend!

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I had a pretty good week. Here are my top 5 highlights ~

1. I lost 2.4 pounds!!! That's right, I weighed on Tuesday and I broke the 150 barrier! WooHoo! It's been an interesting work week, so I haven't actually made it to the gym, but there's always tomorrow :)
                                        (***Disclaimer - This is not my stomach...not yet anways!)

2. I finally gave in and joined Hulu +.  I logged on the Hulu Tuesday night to watch Mob Doctor, a brand new show that has only aired 3 episodes, and it's already a Hulu + show!  So, I joined.  But it's great, because I don't have to wait to watch anything! WooHoo! Plus, when I get my 32" TV on Black Friday this year I will be able to hook it up to Hulu!

3. Gossip Girl is back!!!!!!  I have waited all summer to see what happened to Serena!  I won't spoil anything, but she's happy (dammit!).  Won't the demise of Serena Van Der Woodsen ever happen!  We have all season, so you never know what could happen!  Oh, be prepared for Ivy and Rufus...you might need a drink in your hand! (***Disclaimer - I like Blake Lively, but I don't like Serena...obviously!)

4. My mom emailed me this website today: Alfred Angelo Disney Fairytale Bridal Collection.  Yes, I am single with no current prospects, but that doesn't mean I can't look at pretty dresses!  My favorite is Style 218, Sleeping Beauty.  It's soooo pretty, comes in Ivory and is only $999 (mom says that's not too bad)!

5.  It's finally fall weather!  It has been a bit chilly this week and I am loving it!  I get to pull out my sweaters and scarves!  I love fall and soon it will be Thanksgiving!!!!

How was your week?  Share some of your week's highlights below.  And don't forget to follow me.  Click on the button to the right that says "join this site."

Have a great weekend & Until next time ~ *erica*